Psych-Out! Playlist for December 25, 2013

special xmas show with a lot of ’60s/’70s psych- & baroque-pop plus some other stuff

  1. White Noise – Love Without Sound (An Electric Storm)
  2. Le Stelle di Mario Schifano – Le Ultime Parole Di Brandimante, Dall’Orlando Furioso, Ospite Peter Hartman E Fine (Da Ascoltarsi Con TV Accesa, Senza Volume). (Dedicato A…)
  3. Love – Mushroom Clouds (Love)
  4. The Creation – If I Stay Too Long (We Are Paintermen)
  5. The Syn – Grounded (Original Syn)
  6. Apaslar – Gilgamis (V/A, Hava Narghile Vol. 1)
  7. Vainica Doble – Caramelo de Limon (Vainica Doble)
  8. The Pretty Things – I See You / Wall of Destiny (S.F. Sorrow)
  9. Gandalf – Hang On to a Dream (Gandalf)
  10. The Troggs – Love Is All Around Us (Love Is All Around)
  11. Tages – Have You Seen Your Brother Lately (Studio)
  12. The Left Banke – I’ve Got Something On My Mind (Walk Away Renee / Pretty Ballerina)
  13. The Kinks – Phenomenal Cat (Village Green Preservation Society)
  14. Can – Silent Night (single)