Goldsoundz – December 17, 2013

Next week is the annual Goldsoundz Holiday Special! Send us your favorite indie rock and hipster pop songs about winter and the holidays that come with it:

Thea & The Wild – “Hots For You”
Colour Me Wednesday – “Lost on the High Street”
Evans The Death – “I’m So Unclean”

Mikal Cronin – “Weight”
La Luz – “Call Me in the Day”
September Girls – “Some for Me”

The Lovely Bad Things – “Fried Eyes”
Helen – “Felt This Way”
Fear of Men – “Mosaic”

Terry Malts – “Distracted”
Lovvers – “Axtxtxixtxuxdxe”
Potty Mouth – “The Better End”

Standard Fare – “Rumours”

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