Arkham Origins Release Week 11/3/2012

Starting Off RightNew Super Mario Bros Wii – Desert Background Music

Mega Man 9 – Dr. Wily Stage

Spyro the Dragon – Gnorc Cave

Sly Cooper – A Perilous Ascent

Bastion – Bottom Feeders (Request)


Generally Epic

Dark Souls – Gwyn, Lord of Cinders (Request)

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Grooseland

Jak 3 – Palace Ruins

Tetris – Main Theme (Request)

Halo – Main Theme (Request)



Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – Main Song

Thomas was Alone – A Time for Change

Faster than Light – Rockmen Explore

Journey – The Road of Trials

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time – House of Synth


Arkham Origins and Close Out

Batman: Arkham Origins – Main Title

Tales of Xillia – A Royal City Enveloped by Night

Little Big Planet – Cries in the Wind

Brawl – Kirby’s Gourmet Race (Request)


~An Agro Production