50 Lbs of Rice 11/11/2013

1. Fire in the Heart(心火) by Beina Yao(姚贝娜)

2. Learn to Breath like You(学着你呼吸) by Dan Se Ling(单色凌)

3. Female Knight(女骑士) by Liang Xu(徐良)

4. Reason to Hug(拥抱的理由) by Tai Li(李泰)

5. Autumn Wind(秋天的风) by Yuan Zheng(郑源)

6. Lotus by 平沢 进

7. It’s a Sunny Day if You are Well(你若安好便是晴天) by Ling Hu(胡灵)

8. Accident(意外) by Zhiqian Xue(薛之谦)

9. Unfinished Promise(未完的承诺) by Zhixiang Luo(罗志祥)

10. Don’t Cry(不哭了) by BY2

11. Seldom(偶尔) by Ziqi Deng(邓紫棋)

12. We were all Forgotten(我们都被忘了) by Anqi Xie(谢安琪)

13. My Era(我的时代) by MC Hotdog