50 Lbs of Rice 11/04/2013

1. I’ll Sing for You(我为你歌唱) by Wanting Qu(曲婉婷)

2. Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll(一起摇摆) by Feng Wang(汪峰)

3. Because Love is not Easy(因为爱情来得不容易) by Jie Zhang(张杰)

4. Us under the Sunshine(阳光下的我们) by Wanting Qu(曲婉婷)

5. Detach(抽离) by Liang Xu(徐良)

6. I’m Here(我在这) by 张杰(Jie Zhang)

7. Not Worth it(不值得) by Yiming Zeng(曾一鸣)

8. Envy(妒忌) by Qizhen Chen(陈绮贞)

9. Yours Mine(你的我的) by Bo Liang(梁博)

10. Forgive this World(原谅世界没那么好) by Zihan Sun(孙子涵)

11. Ugly(丑八怪) by Zhiqian Xue(薛之谦)