Michael Testing the Waters 10/6/13


Michael’s Set
MLP Fighting is Magic – Rainbow Dash Theme
Mario Kart 64 – Rainbow Destruction
Ducktales  – Moon Theme
Pokemon R/B/Y – Gym Leader Battle Remix (remix by PokeRemixStudio)
Donkey Kong Country – Theme(Request)Darkness into Light
Half Life – Hazardous Environments (Request)
Borderlands 2 – No Place for a Hero
Tales of Xillia – Delight in Victory
The Last of Us – The Hour
Little Big Planet 2 – Fifth of Beethoven

The Penultimate
Fable – Theme
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Unatco Theme
Street Fighter X Tekken – Main Menu Theme
Megaman/Rockman X4 – Intro Stage X
BlazBlue – Lust SIN
Portal 2 – Caroline Deleted

Any Last Requests
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 12PM
Super Mario Galaxy – Overture
Mario Strikers – Mario’s Theme
Uncharted – Nate’s Theme
Black  Ops – Zombie Mode Song (Request)
Little Inferno – Up Up Up the Chimney (Request)