GTA V Release 9/22/2013

Epic Tunes
Skyrim – One they Fear
Dragon’s Dogma – Gransys
Trine 2 – The Story Begins
Shadow of the Colossus – Revived Power Battle Theme
Lego Lord of the Rings – Disco Phial
Final Fantasy VII – Battle Theme (Requested)


8-bit Tracks
Fallout New Vegas – Ring-a- Ding (Requested) (remix by Icky )
Chibi Robo – Midday Majesty
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door – Hooktail Castle
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Videogame – Roxie Fight
Spyro: The Eternal Night – The Swamp  (Requested)
Starfox – Absolute High (Requested)


Mostly Requests
Mirror’s Edge – Still Alive (Requested)
Jet Set Radio – Bout the City (Requested)
Atom Zombie Smasher – The Baron
FTL – Milkyway (Battle)
Red Dead Redemption – Born unto Trouble(Requested)


GTA 5 and End of show
GTA 5 – The Weirdo’s: Life of Crime
Thomas Was Alone – Hope


Over Time
Bayonetta – Fly Me to the Moon
Runescape – Original theme
Portal – Cakestep: Dirty Portal Dubstep
Persona 4 – Reach out to the Truth
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