Goldsoundz – September 3, 2013

Majical Cloudz – “Mister”
Houses – “The Beauty Surrounds”

Imaginary Cities – “Bells of Cologne”
Yukon Blonde – “Six Dead Tigers”

Mood Rings – “Year of Dreams”
Superhumanoids – “Geri”
Caged Animals – “Girls On Medication”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- “War Zone”
Dog Is Dead – “Glockenspiel Song”

Strawberry Story – “Pushbutton Head”
Weekend – “Oubliette”
Like Like The The The Death – “Here Comes Irregular”

Talbot Tagora – “Perception Stick”
A Grave With No Name – “Aurora”
La Luz – “Brainwash”

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