Goldsoundz – September 17, 2013

Moon King – “Only Child”
The Dexateens – “Maker’s Mound” (ft. David Barbe and Patterson Hood)

Telekinesis – “Ghosts and Creatures”
Junip – “Your Life Your Call”
Catey Shaw – “Family”

Bent Shapes – “Bites And Scratches”
Swearin’ – “Watered Down”
The Manhattan Love Suicides – “Don’t Leave Me Dying”

The Love Language – Horophones”
Dream Boys – “Born Yesterday”
Sleater-Kinney – “Modern Girl”

Whatever, Dad – “No More Soda!”
Bad Cop – “Light On”
Little Daylight – “Glitter and Gold”

Mana Island – “Beauty Spot”
La Luz – “Pink Slime”
Chastity Belt- “Black Sail”

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