50 Lbs of Rice 9/23/2013

1. Zhong Wu Yan(钟无艳) by Anqi Xie(谢安琪) off <3/8>

2. 越吻越伤心/原来你什么都不要 by Jacky Cheung(张学友)

3. Wish You Well(祝君好) by ChiLam Chang(张智霖) off <I Am Chilam>

4. Love Story(爱的故事上集) by Yawen Jiang/Yilang Li(蒋雅文/李逸朗)

5. 明知做戏 by Yufei Wu(吴雨霏) off <With a Boy Like You>

6. Ai Mei(暧昧) by Fei Wang(王菲) off <阿菲正传>

7. 可惜我是水瓶座 by Miriam Yeung(杨千嬅)

8. 千千阙歌 by Leslie Cheung(张国荣)

9. 下一站天后 by TWINS off <Touch of Love>

10. It’s Hard to Love(相爱很难) by Anita Mui/Jacky Cheung(梅艳芳/张学友) off <With>