50 Lbs of Rice 9/16/2013

1. Light Songs(淡淡的歌) by Fei Xu(许飞)

2. Write Poems for You(为你写诗) by Kequn Wu(吴克群)

3. Tan Te(忐忑) by Linna Gong(龚琳娜)

4. Late for Thousand Years(迟到千年) by Soda Green(苏打绿)

5. Spring Rivers and Flowers under the Moon

6. Flavor of Summer(夏天的味道) by Fei Xu(许飞)

7. Happiness with You(有你的快乐) by Ruolin Wang(王若琳)

8. Red Rose(红玫瑰) by Eason Chan(陈奕迅)

9. Sun and Moon in the Heart(心中的日月) by Leehom Wang(王力宏)