50 LBS of Rice 08/19/2013

1. 全世界失眠 by Eason(陈奕迅) off <It’s me anyway>(反正是我)

2. She Came to my Concert(她来听我的演唱会) by Jacky Cheung(张学友) off <Walk past 1999>(走过1999)

3. Wall in the Heart(心墙) by Jing Guo(郭静) off <Singing in the Tree>(在树上唱歌)

4. A Dream(梦一场) by Jingteng Xiao(萧敬腾)

5. Sounds Good(好听) by Ruyun Xu(许茹芸)

6. Love(爱) by Karen Mok(莫文蔚) off <[i]>

7. Fish(鱼) by Qizhen Chen(陈绮贞) off <Sun>(太阳)

8. If you’ve Heard it too(如果你听说) by A Mei(张惠妹) off <STAR>

9. Baby(宝贝) by Xuan Zhang(张悬) off <My Life Will…>

10. Sing myself to you(想把我唱给你听) by Old Wolf(老狼) off <Winter in Beijing>(北京的冬天)

11. What I miss(我怀念的) by Stefanie Sun(孙燕姿) off <Backlight>(逆光)

12. Onion(洋葱) by Zongwei Yang(杨宗纬) off <Dove>(鸽子)

13. Lie(说谎) by Yoga Lin(林宥嘉) off <Sense/World>(感官/世界)