Grab Bag o’ Boogie Notes

The much awaited spring update to What’s Up… is coming. But first, a few grab bag items…

Hopefully you were attuned to this space and were one of the lucky ticket holders for this past Saturday’s Dr. John and the Nite Trippers show at the Variety Playhouse. Sadly, due to my own shortsightedness, was not one of the lucky ones. A word to the wise, then: BUY THOSE TICKETS!! If there is a show coming up which you don’t want to miss, don’t expect to walk up and buy a ticket as I learned the hard way. I should have known as it had been years since Dr. John’s last visit, and he usually packs them in.

I was in the right place, but I was a ticket short

Next, and this is a late addition as it occurs the very evening of this posting, but Deep Funk with DJs Agent 45 & Buscrates is again offering the best in rare groove, soul, jazz … basically anything you can think of and many you’ve never heard of, all at 45 RPM. If you miss it tonight at the Sound Table, be looking for it again in a month or so.

Finally, without further ado, your boogie-packed What’s Up With What’s Going Down:

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