50 LBS of Rice 04/15/2013

1. Several You(几个你) by Zhiqian Xue(薛之谦)

2. Bubble Pop by Hyuna

3. Words Can’t Convey the Meaning(词不达意) by Yilian Lin(林忆莲)

4. Hereafter(后来) by S.H.E

5. Chinese Canton feat. Chen Yu & Zhou Yu

6. Not Drunken(不醉) by Bo Huang(黄渤)

7. Can’t Get There(到不了) by Daimo Li(李代沫)

8. Ryuichi Sukomoto by Simen Jeffy off Chill Out Moods

9. Photosynthesis(光合作用) by Wei Yue(岳微)

10. You Should try by Chuanxiong Zhou(周传雄)

11. Asian Lights by Miyagy off Secrets of Zen

12. Rain at that Time(那时雨) by Liang Xu(徐良)

13. Walk into your Dream(走进你的梦) by Yuchun Li(李宇春)

14. Each Other(彼此) by Shiyun He(何韵诗)