50 LBS of Rice 04/01/2013

1. Dear Children(亲爱的小孩) by Xiaoqi Xin(辛晓琪)

2. The Day on the Red Carpet(走在红毯那一天) by Jiahui Peng(彭佳慧)

3. Wild Current(狂流) by Yu Quan(羽泉)

4. Actually Nothing(其实都没有) by Aska Yang(杨宗纬)

5. Wind Continues Blowing(风继续吹) by Guorong Zhang(张国荣)

6. Smile or Cry(哭笑不得) by A Qiao(阿悄)

7. Chess(棋子) by Fei Wang(王菲)

8. Don’t be Afraid to Break my Heart(别怕我伤心) by Xinzhe Zhang(张信哲)

9. Dark Knight(黑暗骑士) by JJ Lin feat. A Xin(林俊杰 阿信)

10. Past Gone with Wind(往事随风) by Baoliang Sha(沙宝亮)

11. Forget Me(忘了我) by Zongwei Yang(杨宗纬)