Sunday Special Playlist – March 3rd 2013 – Dennis Palmer and The Shaking Ray Levis Tribute

Hosted and programmed by Andy Pierce. Produced by Keith Lee and Chris Campbell.
Show Description:

Hour 1:

Off the album “False Prophets or Dang Good Guessers” by Shaking Ray Levis

  • “The Popcorn Gomer”
  • “Rev Jim’s Belly”
  • “Quarrelsome Brother Love”
  • “Sunday School Breakfast”
  • “Green-Eyed Lovely Chimp”
  • “Big for My Size”

Off the album “Boss Witch” by Shaking Ray Levis

  • “Sir Yes Ma’am”
  • “Gee-gaw’n Dixie”

Off the album “Short In The U.K.” by Beresford / Palmer / Stagner / Turner

  • “Our World As We Know It”

“Ceolacanth” by Shaking Ray Levis and Borbetomagus
“Smells Like New World Odor” by Size Ten Jaw
“ssshikepoke” by the Shaking Ray Levis and Jack Wright from “Mighty Risen Plea” Compilation

“Hell” by Frank Pahl from “The Romantic Side of Schizophrenia”
“Stuffed Angelica” by Frank Pahl

“Let the Little Sunbeam In” by Derek Bailey, Amy Denio and Denis Palmer from “The Gospel Record”
“ASAP Wings” by Hinds / Palmer / Stagner

Hour 2:

“ASAP Wings” by Hinds / Palmer / Stagner [Continued from Hour 1]

“Catfish Night” by Shaking Ray Levis live at Lamar’s with Derek Bailey on guitar, March 1999

Unreleased material with intro by Bob Stagner
“Fishers of Wolfmen” by Dennis Palmer, Bob Stagner, and Frank Pahl

  • “loup garou”
  • “hombre lobo”
  • “okami yasha”
  • “oboroten”
  • “spiritum lupus”

“1988 Song” from WREK Compilation (Produced in 1996-1997 by WREK Staff, led by Hormuz Morina’s effort)
“21st Century Schizoid Man” from Live @ WREK Destroy All Music show, July 28th, 1993

3 to 4 selections from the album “Mayor of the Tennessee River” by David Greenberger and the Shaking Ray Levis

R.I.P. Dennis Palmer