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Kosher Noise Playlist 3/25/13 Passover Part 2

  • Passover Music    Jewsic from Ramat Beit Shemesh
  • Sourgou   The Sway Machinery   The House of Friendly Ghosts Vol. 1
  • Shalom/Saalam   Matisyahu   Youth
  • Adio Querido   DeLeon   DeLeon
  • A Malke Af Peysekh (A Queen for Passover)   Louis Gilrod   Craig Taubman’s Passover Songs for Red Sea Pedestrians
  • A Woman on the Shore   Haparvarim   The First 30 YEars
  • Lily Sheli   Hasholsharim   Hashlosharim
  • Love Unspoken   Aviva and the Flying Penguins   Painted Truth
  • Who Let the Cat Out?   Red Hot Chachkas   AJMF Sampler 2010-2012
  • Golden Wings   The Sway Machinery   The House of Friendly Ghosts Vol. 1
  • Three Days (C)   Noa   Both Sides of the Sea
  • Sweet Dream   Just in Israel   Just in Israel
  • Yasmeen   Zohar Argov   Greatest Hits (Disc 2)
  • Depuis Qui’il M’aime   Ishtar   The Voice of Alabina
  • Israel Israel   Chanan Yovel Beautiful Israel: 50 Great Israeli Folk-Songs (Disc 1)

50 LBS of Rice 03/25/2013

1. Don’t Sleep In(不要睡懒觉) by Sulong Wang(汪苏泷)

2. Jian Ai(剪爱) by Qishan Huang(黄绮珊)

3. Shame on Me(无地自容) by Xiao’ou Zhou(周晓鸥)

4. Blue Little Flower by Yoyoma

5. Your Eyes(你的眼神) by Zhixuan Lin(林志炫)

6. Desert Capriccoio

7. Xiang Jian Hen Wan(相见恨晚) by Jaihui Peng(彭佳慧)

8. Moon over Guan Mountain

9. Mido Mountain

10. Far(远) by Xing Xin(辛欣)

11. White Snow in Sunny Spring off <Classics of Pipa>

12. Come Back(你快回来) by Baoliang Sha(沙宝亮)

13. Zi Zhu Diao

WREK Benefit Concert this Weekend!

1-01-01This weekend, WREK celebrates 45 years of quality, diverse programming with a benefit concert featuring The Purkinje Shift, Magicicada, Cicada Rhythm, and Good Golly Svengali!

When: Saturday, March 30, 2013
Where: Drunken Unicorn, 18+
Tickets $5 (Add’l donations accepted at merch booth)
Doors open at 9PM

Click on image to RSVP!

Back Alley Pork Roost – March 24, 2013

  • Poor Little Liza, Poor Little Girl – Homer and Jethro
  • Truly Understand – Poverty Line Old-Time Band
  • MTA  – The Kingston Trio
  • Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man – Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty
  • Walking through the Wilderness – Seven Handle Circus
  • Birmingham – Shovels and Rope
  • When Its Golden – Rising Appalachia
  • Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party – Floyd County Ramblers
  • Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain – Pete Seeger
  • Avalon, My Home Town – Mississippi John Hurt
  • Alone – Trampled by Turtles
  • Let it Shine on Me – Leadbelly
  • Jackson – Johnny Cash

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from March 22nd, 2013 (“This I Believe”)

“Horn Intro” by Modest Mouse

“Friction” by Television

“This I Believe Introduction” by Edward R. Murrow (clip)

“M. Daguerre” by Rachel’s (background)
“Airstream Driver” by Califone (background)

“This I Believe Introduction” by Edward R. Murrow (clip)

“The Next Messiah” by Jenny Lewis

“Swastika Girls” by Fripp & Eno (background)
“Cygnus X-1” by Rush (background)

“I Believe In Words” by Erin McPherson (This I Believe essay)
“Libraries” by Yellow Ostrich (background)

“I Believe In Sidewalk Waltzes” by Jay Danner (This I Believe essay)
“Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind in Copenhagen)” by Tom Waits (background)

“This Is What I Believe In” by Adrian Belew

“The Heavenly Music Corporation” by Fripp & Eno (background)
“This I Believe Introduction” by Edward R. Murrow (clip)

“I Believe In Acceptance” by Mallory Skelton (This I Believe essay)
“M. Daguerre” by Rachel’s (background)
“Swastika Girls” by Fripp/Eno (background)

“Backslider” by The Toadies

“This I Believe Introduction” by Edward R. Murrow

“Radio Ga Ga” by Queen

“I Believe In The Beauty Of Life” by Michael Braun (This I Believe essay)
“Storm” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (background)

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