50 LBS of Rice 03/04/2013

1. A Present that Cries(会哭的礼物) by He Chen(陈赫)

2. Haruuta by Ikimono Gakari

3. White Space(空白格) by Zongwei Yang(杨宗纬)

4. Hanabi by Ikimono Gakari

5. 披星戴月 by (Jingxuan Zhang)张敬轩

6. Gensoukyoku by Phantasmagoria

7. Ready to Start Off(即刻出发) by Jikejunyi(吉克隽逸)

8. In Order to Meet You(为了遇见) by Wei Qi(戚薇)

9. Mizerable by Gackt

10. True Hero(真英雄) by Weijian Zhang(张卫健)

11. Face to Face by Luna Sea off <Others>

12. Tomorrow without You (没有你的明天) by Amber(安心亚)