Psych-Out! Playlist for February 13, 2013

  1. Tangerine Dream – Fly and Collision of Comas Solo (Alpha Centauri)
  2. Comus – The Maalgard Suite (Out of the Coma)
  3. The Creation – Through My Eyes (We Are Paintermen)
  4. The Pink Floyd – See Emily Play (Piper at the Gates of Dawn 40th anniversary bonus disc)
  5. The United States of America РLove Song for the Dead Ch̩ (The United States of America)
  6. Movietone – 1930s Beach House (Blossom Filled Streets)
  7. Fursaxa – Rodeo in the Sky (Amulet)
  8. Double Leopards – Twenty-Three (Soulless Dust, Speed and Strength)