New Forces Playlist 2/5/2013 – Reg Presley Tribute Show

The Troggs – “Save The Last Dance For Me” off the album The Troggs

The Troggs – “With a Girl Like You” off the album Wild Thing

The Troggs – “Wild Thing” off the album Wild Thing

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The Stooges – “Down on the Street” off the album Fun House

Buzzcocks – “I Can’t Control Myself” off the album Time’s Up

MC5 – “I Want You Right Now” off the album Kick Out The Jams

Ty Segall – “My Head Explodes” off the album Goodbye Bread

The Chocolate Watch Band – “Dark Side of the Mushroom” off the album No Way Out

Count Five – “The Morning After” off the album Psychotic Reaction

The Ramones – “I Can’t Control Myself” off the album Acid Eaters

The Pleasure Fuckers – “Feels Like a Woman” off the album Ripped to the Tits

Supersnazz – “From Home” off the album Diode City

Boys From Nowhere – “6-5-4-3-2-1”

Mooseheart Faith – “Love is All Around”

The Mummies – “Your Love” off the Stronger Than Dirt 7″

Thee Headcoats – “I Want You to Come Into My Life”

Groovie Ghoulies – “Girl In Black”

The A-Bones – “You Can’t Beat It”

The Bevis Frond – “When Will the Rain Come?”