50 LBS of Rice 02/25/2013

1. Never Left(没离开过) by Zhixuan Lin(林志炫)

2. Because of You(因你而在) by JJ Lin(林俊杰)

3. One Thousand Tears Tarantula by Dengue Fever off <Escape from Dragon House>

4. Humming Bird by Dengue Fever off <Escape from Dragon House>

5. I only Care about You(我只在乎你) by Youjia Lin(林宥嘉)

6. Color Photo(彩色相片) by Jolin(蔡依林)

7. Coredrill by Unknown off <Gurren Latan>

8. Warm Spring Blooming Flowers(春暖花开) by Ying Na(那英)

9. Stroll in Freedom(逍遥) Jianhua Huo(霍建华)

10. Infinite Love Grand Rodio by Infinite Love

11. Lying(说谎) by Youjia Lin(林宥嘉)

12. Steady Happiness(稳稳的幸福) by Eason Chan(陈奕迅)