50 LBS of Rice 02/11/2013 Spring Festival Special

1. Spring Festival Prelude 春节序曲

2. Sunny Spring Dawn 阳明春晓

3. Happy Chinese Festival(欢乐中国节) by Shanghai Ethnic Orchestra(上海民族乐团)

4. Celebrating New Year Together(喜气洋洋 恭贺新年)  by 上海爱乐民乐团

5. Music for the Great General(将军令)

6. I Wish You a Good Fortune(恭喜发财)

7. Welcoming-the-Spring Flowers(迎春花)

8. Wind Blowing at Spring Dawn(风鸣春晓 万象更新)

9. Gong and Drum of Harvest(丰收锣鼓)

10. Say Goodbye to the Old Welcome the New(花鼓鞭炮 辞旧迎新)

11. Gathering Clouds Chasing the Moon(彩云追月 夫荣妻贵)

Story about the Chinese Zodiac