50 LBS of Rice 02/04/2013

1. 7 Seconds of Memory(7秒钟的记忆) by Liang Xu(徐良)

2. Tatara Work Song by Uknown folk artist

3. Torture of the Heart(虐心) by Liang Xu(徐良)

4. Butterfly on the Shoulder(肩上蝶) by Zhiwen Jin(金志文)

5. Solon Bushi by The Staple Singers

6. Lilium off Elfen Lied

7. I’m Good(其实我还好) by 俞灏明

8. 愿得一人心 by Xingliang Li(李行亮)

9. Do To Tam by Job 2 Do (Thailand)

10. 红尘客栈 by Jay Chou(周杰伦)

11.明明就 by Jay Chou(周杰伦)