Goldsoundz January 8 2013 Playlist

Siren- “Flying Words”
Paper Aeroplanes-“Cliche”

Darry Miller and The Veil- “Ticking Away All Your Time”
Bern and the Brights- “As Long As I’m Alive”

Korallreven – “Sa Sa Samoa” (Elite Gymnastics Remix)
Animal Collective – “Wide Eyed” (Live on KEXP, Seattle 09/10/12)

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Endless Shore”
Museum of Bellas Artes – “Bear Cubs”

The Casket Girls – “Walking On A Wire”
Io Echo – “Outsiders” (Slow Mix)
The Luyas – “Fifty Fifty”
Shrag – “Coda”

Holographic Sands – “All Day Dream”

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