50 LBS of Rice 01/14/2013

1. Perfect Breakup(完美分手) by Meiqi Jiang(江美琪)

2. Can’t Help Forgiving(忍不住原谅) by Lan Wen(温岚)

3. I’m Here(有我在) by Zhixiang Luo(罗志祥)

4. Unopened Present(未拆的礼物) by PingGuan(品冠)

5. Walking in the Rain(淋雨一直走) by Shanhan Zhang(张韶涵)

6. Dearest You(最亲爱的你) by Weiqi Fan(范玮琪)

7. Nothing Different(没有什么不同) by Wanting Qu(曲婉婷)

8. Flowers are Blooming Again(花又开好了) by S.H.E.

9. Crack(缺口) by Fan Lin(林凡)

10. Not Difficult(不难) by Jiaying Xu(徐佳莹)

11. I Don’t Want You Alone(我不愿你一个人) by May Day(五月天)

12. The Great Artist(大艺术家) by Jolin(蔡依林)

13. The Nights When I Think about You(想你的夜) by Zhe Guan(关喆)