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Mode 7 Playlist for 11/25/2012

Segment 1

Unreal Tournament – Forgone Destruction
System Shock 2 – Ops 2
Portal 2 – TEST
Zelda Link’s Awakening – Liftin’ Them Pots [Bottle Grotto] (remix by Artem Bank)

Segment 2

Terran 1 – StarCraft 2
Terran Up The Night – StarCraft 2
Mass Effect – Uncharted Depths (remix by Hy Bound)

Segment 3

Sonic Adventure 2 – This Way Out
Bastion – Brynn the Breaker
F-Zero – Mute City
Ace Combat – Desert Lightning
Okami – The Sun Rises

Psych-Out! Playlist for November 21, 2012

  1. Can – Bubble Rap (The Lost Tapes)
  2. Electric Orange – Sonnenbart (Fleischwerk)
  3. The Lothars – Metallic Sonata No. 1 (Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas)
  4. Double Leopards – Chemical Weapon (A Hole Is True)
  5. Marble Sheep – U.F.O. (Whirl Live)
  6. Spiny Anteaters – Vikings (Introduction) (The Spiny Anteaters’ Last Supper)

New Forces Playlist 11/20/2012

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
Suicidal Tendencies – “Cyco Vision” off the album Freedumb
Dead Kennedys – “Police Truck” off the album Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
The Suicide Machines – “New Girl” off the album Destruction by Definition
Unsane – “Committed” off the album Occupational Hazard

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
Consumed – “Heavy Metal Winner” off the album Breakfast At Pappa’s
Millencolin – “No Cigar” off the album Pennybridge Pioneers
Lagwagon – “May 16” off the album Let’s Talk About Feelings

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Dropkick Murphys – “Never Alone” off the album Do Or Die
Social Distortion – “Don’t Drag Me Down” off the album White Light, White Heat, White Trash
Swingin’ Utters – “Stupid Lullabies” off The Sounds Wrong EP
59 Times In The Pain – “Got It All In Sight” off the album End Of The Millennium
Rancid – “Maxwell Murder” off the album …And Out Come The Wolves

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2
Iggy Pop – “The Passenger” off the album Trainspotting #2
Gang of Four – “Damaged Goods” off the album Entertainment!
Bad Brains – “I Against I” off the album I Against I
Secret Hate – “Midas Touch” off the album Vegetable Dancing

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX
Agent Orange – “Everything Turns Grey” off the album Living In Darkness
Face to Face – “Icons” off the album Reactionary
Ten Foot Pole – “Racer X” off the album Swill
20 Minute Crash – “The CFB Song”

Goldsoundz 20 November 2012

Set Sail – “The Boat Song”

Karen O and the Kids – “Worried Shoes”


Bowerbirds – “Northern Lights”

Alex Winston – “Fire Ant”

Au Revoir Simone – “Through the Backyard”


The Trillions – “Ctrl-x Ctrl-v”

Star & Micey – “I Can’t Wait”


Black Tambourine – “For Ex-Lovers Only”

Doldrums – “She Is the Wave”


Widowspeak – “Ballad of the Golden Hour”

Ducktails – Backyard (live on wfmu)


Wax Idols- “Hitman”

Fungi Girls- “Some Easy Magic”

Christmas Island-Black Cloud”


Colleen Green-Nice Boy (I Want A)”

White Fence-Stranger Things Have Happened”


The Mountain Goats-Noche del Guajolote”


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Continental Drift: November 19th, 2012

           Song:                                                   Artist:

  1. Keef Fiaha                                            Samar
  2. Hanan: Matajarahnish                           SifSafaa
  3. Roshan Jamale Yaar                            Mehdi Hassan
  4. Dhyan                                                   Tabla
  5. Mero Mana Rama Hi Rama Ratere      Shruti
  6. Kenouna                                                Various Artists
  7. Hamdi Ahmed: Tasadig Wala Ahliflak    SifSafaa

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