Continental Drift November 26th 2012

Song:                                                          Artist:

  • Song with a Didgeridoo                        Richard Walley
  • Spirit of Meditation                                VA
  • Ethnic Song with a Didgerdoo              VA
  • Didgeridoo Sounds                               VA
  • Witchcraft                                             Pendulum
  • There’s So much More for You            Cordrazine
  • Autumn Story                                       Firekites
  • Do the Right Thing                               Oscar + Martin
  • Alone With You                                     The Sunnyboys
  • Come Anytime                                      Hoodoo Gurus
  • Keeping Warm                                     Cordrazine
  • Skimming Rooftops                              Firekites
  • Radio Birdman                                      Hand of Law