50 LBS of Rice 11/26/2012

Sorry I missed last week, here is tonight’s setlist for the show.

  1. Sato No Aki by 101 Strings Orchestra
  2. Ichigo Hakusho O Mo Ichido by Asian Flavours
  3. The Flower of Hsin-Jang by Chinese Bamboo Flute Ensemble
  4. Sakura, Sakura by 101 Strings Orchestra off Word Music vol 30. The Sounds of Japan
  5. Umi (The Sea) by 101 Strings Orchestra
  6. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrenceville by Asian Flavours
  7. Momiji (Red Autumn Leaves) by 101 Strings Orchestra
  8. Tantric Prayer by Tibetan Monks off Big OM of Tibet
  9. Ceremonial Horns by Tibetan Monks off Big OM of Tibet
  10. Mongolian by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
  11. Chenden Choe Toe off the album Ritual Music for the Tibetan Monks
  12. Tuva-Ezengglieer by Aldyn-ool Sevek
  13. Tuva- Khat Kargyraa