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Sci Fi Lab Presents: An Original Adaptation of “RUR: Rossum’s Universal Robots”

This Thursday, Nov 1st from 7-8 pm, the Sci Fi Lab will present an original adaptation of Karel Čapek’s “RUR: Rossum’s Universal Robots.” Written in 1920 and produced a year later, “RUR” introduced the word ‘robot’ to the English language. Since then, it has inspired everything from the replicants in “Blade Runner” to the Bot planet in “Futurama.” We hope you’ll tune in and experience a piece of science fiction history!

Back Alley Pork Roost – October 28

  • Lonesome Yodel Blues – John C. Reilly and Tom Brosseau
  • Here and Heaven – Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile & Aoife O’Donovan
  • Cluck Old Hen – Noam Pikelny Featuring Steve Martin
  • The Tourist – Sarah Jarosz and Punch Brothers
  • I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground – Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  • Rye Whiskey – Punch Brothers
  • Soldier’s Joy – The Pa’s Fiddle Band
  • Blue Yodel No. 1 – Jimmie Rodgers
  • Land of the Navajo – Old & in the Way
  • Sleep With One Eye Open – Chris Thile & Michael Daves
  • Sixteen Tons – Tennessee Ernie Ford
  • Birds of a Feather – The Civil Wars
  • Next to the Trash – Punch Brothers
  • Wildwood Flower – The Carter Family
  • My Mother Thinks I’m a Lawyer – Noam Pikelny


This is our 3rd annual MEME show!

oh my dayum (five guys)
he-man fabulous secret powers
chocolate rain
numa numa

combination pizza hut and taco bell (wallpaper remix)
thrift store
ain’t nobody got time for that
benny lava

banana song
nick offerman bacon beat poetry
leekspin (techno remix)
bacon pancakes
double rainbow
double rainbow (main remix)
milk and cereal

call me maybe (cover by tay zonday)
the duck song
bed intruder
mr rogers – garden of your mind
can’t hug every cat
GTG’s – “The Ratio”

Mode 7 Playlist for 10/28/2012 – Halloween Special!

We had a great show with spooky-themed music!

Segment 1

StarCraft 2 – Zerg 7
System Shock 2 – Command 3
Doom – The Red Moon [e1m4] (remix by Sir NutS)
Braid – The Darkening Ground

Segment 2

Super Mario Land – Underground Theme (remix by Super Smash Bros Brawl)
StarCraft – Zerg 1
Doom – Infected Lab (remix by DJ Carbunk1e)

Segment 3

World of WarCraft: BC – Tower of Karazahn
Pokemon Fire Red – Pokemon Tower
Bioshock 2 – Payor Bond
Zelda: Twilight Princess – Blizzeta
Super Smash Bros Brawl – Luigi’s Mansion

Segment 4

World of WarCraft – Duskwood
System Shock 2 – Rec
Unreal – Vortex Rikers

Playlist from Friday, October 26th (“The Digital Archivist”) Episode 135

Clip from “Future Shock” (Orson Welles)

Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Keep Me” by The Black Keys


Interview with Wendy Hagenmaier (Georgia Tech Archives)

File this set under: BF 7203

“The Return of Jackie and Judy” by Tom Waits

“Memories Can’t Wait” by Talking Heads


Continued discussion with Wendy

File this set under: BF 723

“Keeper of Atlantis” by Pujol

“Memory” by The Tellers

“Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


Continued discussion with Wendy

File this set under: RC 455.2

“Those Memories” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

“Save What You Can” by The Triffids


Outro: “All I Have Are Memories” by The Byrds


Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks show “The Semantic Web” on November 2nd!

You can hear this show online, any time until November 9th.

Scroll down to our playback widget and enjoy the show!

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