Radiobomb Playlist 9/18/12

Artist Track
Crude S.S. Destroy Capitalism
Crude S.S. Hundred Dead Cops
Krigshot Fettet Har Jollrat Igen
Black Uniforms Do You Conform?
Black Uniforms The Smell of Death
Cain Jennifer
J Church Why I Liked Bikini Kill
Zoinks! Classic Rock Turned Me Into A Psycopathic Killer
Zoinks! Through The Turnstile
AFI Two of a Kind
Shot Baker Structure
Svart Parad Aldrig Upplevt
Svart Parad Offer For Ett Mord
Wolfbrigade High Tech Degradation
Potential Johns Track 4
Potential Johns Track 9
Endless Struggle Stab the Judge
Endless Struggle Road Life
Blaggers ITA Youngs Blaggers
Down By Law Flower Tattoo
Spermbirds Can’t Live Without It
Pinhead Gunpowder Buffalo
Crimphrine Construction
Ramones My-My Kind of a Girl
Kvoteringen Vi Har Fatt Nog
Circle Jerks Red Tape