New Forces Playlist 9/4/2012

The Pogues – “Streams of Whiskey” off the album Red Roses for Me

The Clash – “Career Opportunities” off the album The Clash

The 101ers – “Keys to Your Heart” off the album Elgin Avenue Breakdown

The Bleach Boys – “Chloroform” off the 7″ Chloroform/You’ve Got Nothing

The Defects – “Brutality” off the album Defective Breakdown

Deaf School – “Refugee” off the album English Boys/Working Girls

The Exploited – “God Saved The Queen” off the album Let’s Start a War

Lockjaw – “The Young Ones” off the album Radio Call Sign/The Young Ones

Crisis – “No Town Hall” off the album Holocaust Hymns

Predator – “Punk Man” single

The Jermz – “Powercut” off their only released LP Powercut

The Jerks – “Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me” single

Wreckless Eric – “Veronica” off the album Big Smash

Stiff Little Fingers – “State of Emergency” off the album Inflammable Material

The Lurkers – “Time To Wake Up” off the album Fried Brains

The Nosebleeds – “Ain’t Bin To No Music School” off the Ain’t Bin To No Music School/Fascist Pigs 7″

Pseudo Existors – “Coming Up For Air” off the EP Stamp Out Normality

The Plague – “Wimpy Bar Song” off the In Love/Wimpy Bar Song 7″

The Wasps – “J-J-J-J-Jenny”

White SS – “I’m The One” off the White SS 7″