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Shillelagh Law – August 27

  • Love Theme – Tristan and Isolde – The Chieftans
  • St. Brendan’s Fair Isle – Mick Moloney and Eugune O’Donnell
  • Gallant Forty-Twa –
  • Johnny Tarr – Gaelic Storm
  • Coutin’ in the Kitchen – Gaelic Storm
  • Loch Lomand – Shannon
  • Scolding Wife – Great Big Sea
  • The Night Pat Murphy Died – Great Big Sea
  • Hornpipes: The Rights of Man – De Dannan
  • Griogal Crighd – Mac-Tallah
  • Loch Lomand – Deana Durbin
  • The Crawl – Spirit of the West
  • Wearing of the Green – Wolfe Tones
  • Sick Note – The Dubliners

Kosher Noise Playlist 8/27/12

  • Change    Aviva and the Flying Penguins
  • Acheret Atah Met – אחרת אתה מת       Shlomo Artzi – שלמה ארצי
  • T2     Nosson Zand      Believers
  • Joro Boro (BBB Remix)      Balkan Beat Box      Nu Made (Remixes) [Bonus Track Version]
  • Tirtza Atar (Daily Love) – אהבה יומיומית      Yehudit Ravitz – יהודית רביץ
  • Hu      Shotei Hanevu’a And Isabo      Mechapsim et Dorot (Looking for Dorot) – מחפשים את דורות
  • Teta’aru Lachem  – תתארו לכם     Shlomo Artzi – שלמה ארצי
  • M.A.Y.A.N.O.T.      Prodezra Beats      Connection Revealed
  • Clavlav Oh Bi Di Bam Bam      Matti Caspi      The Best Of Matti Caspi
  • Ba Me Ahava      Yehudit Ravitz
  • Cain and Abel (Brother’s Keeper)      Matt Bar      The Bible Raps Project
  • Youth      Matisyahu      Youth

50LBS of Rice 8/27/2012

Hi Everyone! Hope you are enjoying your second week of school. It’s gonna be a long semester with Quals and me moving to a new house. But I promise you that we will keep the show just as amazing as always.

  1. Chrysanthemum Flower Bed by Jay Chou
  2. Kaze Wo Atsumete  by unknown artist off the album Lost in Translation
  3. Dango Daikazoku by unknown artist off the album Clannad
  4. Arigatou by Sammi Chen off the album Sammi Utlimate Collection
  5. Reak Me by Ayumi Hamasaki off the album Rainbow
  6. (Break)
  7. God Knows by ENOZ
  8. Sasuri no Sophia by Joe Hisashi off the album Howl’s Moving Castle
  9. Blue Little Flower by Yo Yo Ma
  10. Flute, Harp, and Erhu Melody
  11. Hu Jia Shi Ba Pai
  12. For the World by Tan Dun off the album Movie Soundtrack: Hero

Back Alley Port Roost August 26 Playlist

– The Butcher’s Boy – Buell Kazee
– Rabbit Foot Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson
– Sleep Baby Sleep – Jimmie Rodgers
– Dear Old Sunny South by the Sea – Jimmie Rodgers
– Roaming Gambler – Tennessee Ernie Ford
– Blackberry Boogie – Tennessee Ernie Ford
– Roane County Ramblers
– Fountain Filled with Blood – Elder James Caudill & Choir
– Dear Mr. President – Pete Seeger
– Fast Freight – Kingston Trio
– I Remember Loving You – Tom Paxton
– Neat Still Waters – Emmylou Harris
– If I Can Only Win You Love – Emmylou Harris
– Daniel Prayed – Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys
– Graveyard Blues – Roscoe Holcomb
– Little Sadie – Clarence Ashley
– Georgia Stomp – Johnson Mountain Boys
– Will the Circle be Unbroken? – The Daltons
– Wildwood Flower – The Carter Family

Mode 7 Playlist for 8/26/2012

Segment 1

StarFox – The Battle Base Meteor
StarFox – Meteorave (remix by bLiNd)
Mass Effeect – M4 Part 2 (end credits)

Segment 2

Final Fantasy VI – Ruffneck Terra (remix by halc)
Mega Man 9 – Blackout Tower (remix by Neblix)
Unreal – Nightvision
Red Alert 2 – Industrofunk
Portal 2 – The Part Where He Kills You

Segment 3

Gangnam Style 8-Bit (remix by PSY)
Megarace – NGLoop
Contra 4 – Harbor
Mushihimesama – The One Who Is Always In The Forest
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – Dantooine Battle