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50LBS of Rice July 23, 2012

1. BB88 by 方大同 Datong Fang

2. 喘息 Gasp by 张芸京 Yunjing Zhang

3. 恋无可恋 by 古巨基 Juji Gu

4. 滴答Dida by 侃侃 KanKan

5. 一个人的生活 Live Alone by 温岚 Lan Wen

6. 后会无期 See You No More by 徐良 Liang Xu

7. 我的歌声里 In My Song by

8. 坏女孩 Bad Girl by Ella

9. 不具名的悲伤Anonymous Sorrow by 罗志祥 Zhixiang Luo

10. 房间Room by 江美琪 Meiqi Jiang

11. 寻水的鱼Fish that Looks for Water by 许飞 Fei Xu

12.浪费 Waste by 林宥嘉 Youjia Lin

Kosher Noise Playlist 7/23/12

  • Sunshine     Matisyahu     Spark Seeker
  • Ha’rikud Ha’muzar Shel Ha’lev      Rona Kenan With Gidi Gov     Putumayo Presents – Israel
  • Straight To Ya Brain     MC Theorie, Controverse, Stepper & Big J      Jenerous Skillz
  • Yehi      Srulily Williger      Jewishjukebox.Co. Complimentary CD
  • Cain and Abel (Brother’s Keeper)      Matt Bar      The Bible Raps Project
  • Tumbalalaika      Gevatron     Beautiful Israel: 50 Great Israeli Folk-Songs (Disc 1)
  • Lehiyot Adam      Zohar Argov      Greatest Hits (Disc 2)
  • Geula (Redemption)      Various Artists      Anana Presents: Music From Israel
  • Darbukadani      Tomer Yosef      Laughing Underground
  • Youba      The Sway Machinery      The House Of Friendly Ghosts Vol. 1
  • The Starting Four      Subliminal     The Light From Zion
  • Hayiti Manyak (I Was a Maniac) – הייתי מניאק      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה
  • Tipa Veod Tipa      Sarit Hadad      Ashlaiot Metokot
  • Divooneh (Crazy)     Rikud – ריקוד      Camp Ramah Darom Rikud
  • Flip     Prodezra Beats      Connection Revealed

Back Alley Pork Roost – July 22, 2012

  • Farther Away – Georgia Fireflies
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain – Pete Seeger
  • Blue Diamond Mines – Robin and Linda Williams
  • Hard Travelin – Woody Guthrie
  • The Same Old Lover Man – Waylon Jennings
  • Matchbox Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson
  • Flying Fingers – Joe Maphis and his Super Picker Pals
  • John Henry – The Limeliters
  • Wayfaring Stranger – The Limeliters
  • Shady Grove – Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley
  • Cumberland Gap -Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley
  • I Had a Real Good Father and Mother – Washington Phillips
  • Pig in the Pen – Old and In the Way
  • Lonesome Fiddle Blues – Old and In the Way
  • Tennessee Stud – Johnny Cash
  • Whole World Round – Dillards
  • Weeping Willow – Stanley Brothers
  • Down by the Train – Johnny Cash
  • Coo Coo Bird – Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley
  • Rising Sun Blues – Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley

Mode 7 Playlist for 7/22/2012

Segment 1

StarCraft (CD) – Non-stop Remix
MegaManX2 – Bubble Crab Stage
StarFox – Corneria Trance (remix by Strike911)

Segment 2

Red Alert 2 – Ready the Army
Mass Effect 2 – Jack’s Theme
The Journeyman Project – Mars Maze

Segment 3

Super Mario Kart – Battle Mode Theme
Ace Combat 4 – Supercircus
F-Zero – Red Canyon
Megarace – New San

Segment 4

Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy
Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Green Greens
Kirby’s Dream Land 1 – Grass Land 1
Pokemon – Route 209 (remix in Super Smash Bros Brawl)

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from July 20th, 2012 (“Dogs In The Library”)

Clip from Sesame Street
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“My Dog Was Lost But Now He’s Found” by Fiery Furnaces

Interview with Amelia Glawe (Georgia Perimeter College)

File this set under HV4998 .R47:
“Dog Hit” by Solex vs. Christina Martinez + Jon Spencer
“Dogs of Clinic 17” by The Extra Lens
“Poor Doggie” by Eagles of Death Metal

Continued interview with Amelia Glawe

File this set under SF426 .C65:
“Dog’s Life” by The Eels
“Some Other Dog” by Mark Sandman
“A Dog’s Life” by Elvis Presley

Continued interview with Amelia Glawe

File this set under BV215 .F56
“I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy and The Stooges
“Love Dog” by TV on the Radio

Outro: “Year of the Dog” by Mike Doughty

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