Guest Tonight and Giveaways Galore!

Time to check back in as I believe I’m finally recovered from last weekend’s Blowfly show…

This week, we’ll have a couple (perhaps three?) more ticket giveaways, but first a word about our special guest this week. You’ll want to tune in tonight (11pm to midnight EDT, 91.1 fm in Atlanta or for our special guest Nick Edelstein of Nick and the Grooves. Their debut EP entitled Adapter comes out next week and will be playing at The Five Spot in support of that release.

Nick and the Grooves "Adapter" EP Release Party!

The Grooves feature a blues-driven soul sound with heavy jazz, funk, and rock influences as well. It’s sure to be jam as they’ll be joined by some familiar names around the Atlanta music scene, including John McKnight (drums), Bryan Hall (bass), Jazz monsters Scott Ritshie (keys) and Bill Smith (alto/tenor sax), with regular appearances by “at Large” members, James King (trumpet) and Will Scruggs (bari sax).

We’ll chat about the band in general, preview the new EP, and perhaps even have a ticket giveaway for the show next week. Sorry the tickets are, as yet, unconfirmed. You’ll have to tune in to find out. It shoud be a good time.

Other announcements: we will certainly have giveaways for the following shows, as these tickets have been confirmed:

So definitely tune in for a chance to win one of those sets. And of course, check out our full list of concerts at the latest What’s Up with What’s Going Down Post, which I keep having to update with great shows that seem to be coming out of nowhere.

That’s it for now, we hope you join us tonight, again, at 11pm EDT for The Electric Boogaloo!