50LBS of Rice July 23, 2012

1. BB88 by 方大同 Datong Fang

2. 喘息 Gasp by 张芸京 Yunjing Zhang

3. 恋无可恋 by 古巨基 Juji Gu

4. 滴答Dida by 侃侃 KanKan

5. 一个人的生活 Live Alone by 温岚 Lan Wen

6. 后会无期 See You No More by 徐良 Liang Xu

7. 我的歌声里 In My Song by

8. 坏女孩 Bad Girl by Ella

9. 不具名的悲伤Anonymous Sorrow by 罗志祥 Zhixiang Luo

10. 房间Room by 江美琪 Meiqi Jiang

11. 寻水的鱼Fish that Looks for Water by 许飞 Fei Xu

12.浪费 Waste by 林宥嘉 Youjia Lin