50LBS of Rice June 25, 2012

1. 狂草 Kuangcao by 韩庚Geng Han

2. 七百年后 Seven Hundreds years Later by 陈奕迅 Eason Chen

3. 遇见我 Meet with me By 曹方 Icy Cao

4. 醒来 Wake up by 艾米丽·王嘉宝 Emily Wangjiabao

5. 被遗忘的时光 Those were by 蔡琴 Qin Cai

6. 风行 Travel in the wind by 许巍 Wei Xu

7. 最初的梦想 The very first dream by 范玮琪 Weiqi Fan

8.旋木 Carousel by 王菲 Faye Wang

9.无常 impermanent by 王菲 Faye Wang

10.光阴的故事 by 罗大佑

11.纺歌 by Kkryu

12. 思念是一种病 by 张震岳

13. 旧相片 old photos by 弦子

Weekly Phrase: