Playlist for Twin Peaks Sunday Special

Twin Peaks Theme song
In Your Nature by Zola Jesus remixed by David Lynch
Fire Walk With Me Theme
Mater Suspiria Visiona – Seance Infernale

Silent Drape Runners interview with WREK

Noah’s Ark by David Lynch remixed by Moby
Dance of the Dream Man by Angelo Badalamenti
The Center by Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Fallen (Twin Peaks Theme remix) by The Mob
Glass Prayer by Religious to Damn
Audrey’s Dance by¬† Angelo Badalamenti

Velvet Dreams from the album Mashed in Plastic
In Heaven (Everything Is Fine) by The Pixies
Mulholland Drive by Angelo Badalamenti

Sycamore Trees sung by Jimmy Scott
New Vibes by Silent Drape Runners

Falling by SkeletonKids

…How’s Annie?