Funk Smorgasbord

Going to use this as a catchup post, since we’re a few playlists behind, and remind you about some events coming up and do a few announcements as well. Let’s get to it…

First, a reminder that this weekend is the Twain’s Springfest. It’s $10 (with proceeds to go to the Atl. Community Food Bank), all day (1pm – 11) and features some pretty fine local acts, including sub-headliners Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics. You may note that they’ve got quite a few spots on our latest Concert Rundown, and that is because they’ve got their long-awaited debut album dropping in July. So stay tuned for that.

Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics

Also, to soon be on the updated and aforementioned Concert Rundown, Atlanta’s own Cadillac Jones will be playing at the EARL on June 2, in a special kind of show. In between sets of them and Abby Wren there will be short film screenings, all produced by GSU students and inspired by The Big Takedown, the C-Jones ‘soundtrack’ album to the pseudo-film of the same name. So expect plenty of Sabotage style chase scenery and I’m sure some classic wardrobes.

The Big Takedown

Alright, we’re two playlists in the hole, and of course, I’ve got to throw the show together for tonight. Hopefully I’ll get that one posted a little quicker. I did, however, want to give a special thanks to Agent 45, who came through and blessed us with for the 4/26 set. So if that list seems quite a bit longer and smarter than normal, there you go. Anywho, here are the jams that “came on down” last week. As always, you can grab it live right off of Twitter.

Playlist for 04/26/12:

  • Artist – Title
  • Noot d’ Noot – Yer Fix
  • Funkadelic/Parliament – Fantasy is Reality
  • Boscoe – He Keeps You
  • Ohio Players – Pain
  • Albert Ayler – Free at Last

The Agent, then, takes over…

  • Bobby Williams – Funky Superfly pt 1
  • Teakwood – Can You Dig It
  • Stevo – Pay the Price
  • I-20 Connection – Dreaming
  • Hank Carbo – Bad Luck
  • Alex Williams & the Mustangs – The Thrill Ain’t Gone
  • Hellaphinalia – Ain’t Nothin Superstar About Me
  • Freddy Wilson – Promise Land
  • Ernest Skipper – Shotgun Joe
  • [Hoctor Records Artist] – Do It (Till You’re Satisfied)
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Blackbird Special
  • Gorgeous George – Get Up Off It
  • South Side Coalition – Get off Your Seats and Jam
  • Billy Young – Suffering with a Hangover pt. 1
  • Ojeda Penn – Brotherson

Playlist for 05/03/12:

  • Artist – Title
  • Dr. John – Kingdom of the Izzness
  • Dr. John – Eleggua
  • Alan Toussaint – Get Out My LIfe Woman
  • Carl Marshall & Sound Dimension – Mardi Gras Party
  • Aaron Neville – Hercules
  • Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can
  • James Brown – Funky President (People It’s Bad)
  • Funkadelic – Red Hot Mama
  • Reuben Bell – Super Jock
  • Dr. John – Mama Roux
  • The Meters – Handclapping Song
  • The Pointer Sisters – Going Down Slowly
  • Marilyn Barbarin – Reborn
  • — Professor Longhair – Big Chief
  • Rebirth Brass Band – Big Chief

Pick up the stream of last week’s show here! or embedded in the Electric Boogaloo home page and be sure to grab a fresh one every Thursday night at 11pm on 91.1 fm Atlanta or