Continental Drift for April 9, 2012 — Vietnam

Take a journey with us this week as we explore the music of Vietnam. Officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, we immerse ourselves in the sounds of a nation, as well as fun facts about their culture, cuisine, geography, and politics, among other things! We even learn how to pronounce Pho!

You can listen to the world on Continental Drift! Every Monday night from 10 PM until midnight Eastern Time. The playlist for this episode is below.

01) “Ly Ngua O” — Pham duc Thanh
02) “Vietnamese Traditional Music” — Asian Traditional Music
03) “Nha Anh Nha Em” — Tuan Vu
04) “Xylophone Torung of Bahnar tribe” — Torung xylophone music
05) “Vietnamese Forest” — Asian Traditional Music
06) “Trong Quan” — Pham duc Thanh
07) “Hat Hoi” — Pham Duy
08) “Concert of Gongs of Bahnar tribe” — Bahnar gong ensemble
09) “Ritual Music of Cham people” — Ritual music on sarinai and ganang
10) “Love Song – Doh Dam Tara” — Dodam dara love song
11) “Ho Dong Thap Ly Chieu Chieu” — Pham duc Thanh
12) “Music of Classical Theatre – Nam Chien” — Hat bo music for classical theatre
13) “Luu Thuy” — Hoa Tau
14) “Tam luan cuu chuyen (Universal harmony)” — Doan Nghe Thuat Truyen Thong Hue
15) “Hai Hoa” — Pham Duy
16) “Funeral Song – Doh Dam Mutai” — Dodam mutai funeral song with kanhi fiddle
17) “Hat chau van (Beauty of the ancient capital)” — Doan ca Hue, Ai’Hoa
18) “Ly nam canh (Song of five night hours)” — Kim Kieu, Doan ca Kich Hue
19) “Nhac nen, ‘Nu tuong xuat quan’ (The female general marching to the battlefield)” — Doan Nghe Thuat Truyen Thong Hue
20) “Le da” — Artist Khanh Ly
21) “Cat Bui” — Khanh Ly
22) “Va Em Cho Anh” — Ho Quynh Huong
23) “Uoc Gi” — My Tam
24) “Giac Mo Chi La Giac Mo” — Ho Ngoc Ha
25) “Khi Nguoi Yeu Toi Khoc” — Lam Truong
26) “De Anh Duoc Yeu Lan Nua ft. Big Daddy” — Andree Right Hand
27) “365000” — Ngu Cung