Psych-Out! Playlist for March 21, 2012

  1. Kraftwerk – Ruckstoss Gondoliere (Caution)
  2. The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Small Package (Strawberries Mean Love)
  3. The Plastic Cloud – Face Behind The Sun (s/t)
  4. Nurse With Wound w/Organum – Human Human Human (V/A, The Portable Altamont)
  5. Circulatory System – Waves of Bark and Light (s/t) (Circulatory System are headlining WREK’s WREKtacular anniversary concert on March 31st at the Goat Farm)
  6. Dies Irae – Another Room (First)
  7. Pocahaunted – Iron Shirt (Island Diamonds)
  8. Colour Haze – Where the Skies End (Los Sounds de Krauts)
  9. Natural Snow Buildings – My Bones Are Yours (The Dance of the Moon and Sun)
  10. Sylvester Anfang II – Walpurgis (Sylvester Anfang II)