Continental Drift for March 19, 2012 — Morocco

Ah, the sweet, soothing sounds of North Africa. The Kingdom of Morocco really knows what they’re doing! Whether it’s in the streets or in the dance clubs, the rhythms of this ethnically diverse nation are enough to make tonight’s program an unforgettable one. Join DJ Felipe in exploring this mysterious and fascinating country’s music in a language we can all understand: the language of music.

You can listen to the world on Continental Drift! Every Monday night from 10 PM until midnight Eastern Time. The playlist for this episode is below.

01) “First Guerrera” — Sufi Brotherhoods & Street Musicians
02) “Tah Lil” — Moustapha Bourgogne
03) “Zahri Filhoub Klile” — Youmni, Baraka Show
04) “First song performed by Berber street musicians” — Sufi Brotherhoods
05) “Nelhagha” — Youmni Rabii
06) “Baba Mimoun (Father Mimoun)” — Altaf Gnawa Group
07) “Khamsa we Khamsine” — Chalf Hassan, Mohammed Chalf, Ahmed Essaisse
08) “Barman” — Cheb Mimoun
09) “Mimouna” — Altaf Gnawa Group
10) “Ca Va Pas Du-Tout” — Najat Aatabou
11) “Rah Chebabi” — Cheb Mimoun
12) “Wlad Houmti” — Hanino
13) “Aliya Belimine” — Najat Aatabou
14) “Fado Al-Mu’tamid” — Amina Alaoui
15) “Bania” — Hassan Hakmoun
16) “Bashraf Nawa Athar” — Hicham Chami, Catherine Alexander
17) “Lilou brasilia” — Rajae El Mouhandiz
18) “Jilala Wedding Procession” — rec. by Paul Bowles