50 Lbs of Rice 3/12/2012

Here are the songs for tonight’s show:

  1. Spin the Cotton by Lei Qiang
  2. Picking Red Chestnuts by Lei Qiang
  3. Flute, Harp, and Erhu Arrangement by Uknown
  4. Flowers in Your Hands by Unknown
  5. Liam pt 1 by Trot Orchestra
  6. Soh Daiko by Unknown (Traditional Taiko drum music)
  7. Sakura by Unkown
  8. Second Life by Mayday
  9. SnowStorm by Kugimiya Rie
  10. AYO by Wen Lan off Landing
  11. Kaze Wo Atsume by Happy End
  12. All Happy by Furu Deng off Hello Haponisi
  13. This World by Jingru Jia