Goldsoundz Playlist 21 February 2011

YACHT – “Shangri-La”
Built To Spill – “Twin Falls”
Laura Marling – “My Manic And I”

Cursive – “Making Friends and Acquaintances”
How To Dress Well – “Suicide Dream 2”

Beth Jeans Houghton- “Sweet Tooth Bird”
Kate Havnevik- “Mouth 2 Mouth”
The Apples- “Elias”

The Cast of Cheers- “Deceptapunk”
Termites- “Clockwork Meat”
This Many Boyfriends- “Starling”

Guards – “Do It Again”
World Atlas – “The Winter Stories”
Thrushes – “Heartbeats”

White Wishes – “Not Today”
The Morning Paper – “Fingers Crossed”

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