Electric Boogaloo Playlist for 02.23.12

Big ups to The Georgia Soul Council who popped in this past week for an interview and ticket giveaways. The tore it down in the basement of the Elliott Street Pub this past Saturday and it’s their plan to do the same on the last Saturday of the coming months. Definitely check em out while that residency is on.

As (mostly) always, here is last week’s setlist in a a handy textual format. Pick up the stream here! or embedded in the Electric Boogaloo home page.

Playlist for 02/23/12:

  • Artist – Title
  • Flight of the Conchords – Business Time
  • Rebirth Brass Band – You Move Ya Lose
  • War – Corns and Callouses
  • Peter Best – Mick Meets New York
  • Hall and Oates – Grounds for Separation
  • Con Funk Shun – Owe It To Myself
  • — Ween – The Grobe/Flutes of Chi
  • Georgia Soul Council – Cramp Your Style
  • Georgia Soul Council – Foot In It
  • — Slick Rick – Hey Young World
  • Isley Brothers – Lay Away

— playlist also posted live on Twitter.