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Mode 7 for 1/29

Segment 1:

Half Life 2 – Song 16
StarCraft 2 – Terran 54
Unreal 2 – Sanctuary

Segment 2:

Castlevania – The Belmont Revolution (remix by Chernabogue, NintenJoe 64)
Mechwarrior 3 – In-Game Theme
Crysis – Guardians

Segment 3:

Chrono Trigger – Zeal Feels Good (remix by Gario)
Kirby’s Dream Land 2 – Breakbeat Forest (remix by Tepid)
Mushihimesama – Walking in the Land of Flame

Segment 4:

Star Fox Adventures – Fossil’s Oasis (remix by Lulza, Level 99)
Red Alert 2 – Power
Half Life 2 – Song 14

Electric Boogaloo Playlist for 01.27.12

Again with the apologies for not updating recently. I’ll try to stay on the game. We got a lot of funky shows coming up in and around the ATL, so stay tuned for that post coming soon. In the meantime, dig on the playlist dropped by the tag-team (back again) of messieurs Cozy Shawn and Brett Eclectic, known collectively as The Brothers Funk.

Cozy and Brett

Here is their set from last night; started by me, picked up by Brett, and closed down by Cozy. Pick up the stream here! or embedded in the Electric Boogaloo home page.

Playlist for 01/27/12:

  • Artist – Title


  • Ohio Players – Far East Mississippi
  • Booker T. Jones – Walking Papers

Brett Eclectic:

  • Slave – Volcanic Erupture
  • Onra – Rock On
  • Charles Earland – Sons of the Gods
  • Struk – Out2getcha
  • Sheila E. – Too Sexy
  • — Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane & Hmm Hmm —

Cozy Shawn:

  • Jimmy Castor – It’s Just Begun
  • Dennis Coffey feat. Mayer Hawthorne – All Your Goodies are Gone
  • Willie Hutch – Why Has Our Love Gone Bad
  • Funk Inc. – Give Me Your Love

— playlist also posted live on Twitter.

And, be sure to check out the Cozy and Brett’s Aquarius Aquaboogie Jam tonight, as they hold it down every Friday at Pal’s Lounge downtown on Sweet Auburn!

Playlist for January 25, 2012

  1. Walter Wegmüller – Der Wagen (Tarot)
  2. Mainliner – Cardinal Virtues (Psychedelic Polyhedron)
  3. Annexus Quam – Kollodium (V/A, Ohrenschmaus)
  4. The Incredible String Band – Born In Your Town (The Chelsea Sessions 1967)
  5. Charalambides – Xorcsm (Branches)
  6. The Azusa Plane – Temporal Continuum (Tycho Magnetic Anomaly And the Full Consciousness of Hidden Harmony)
  7. Black Acid – Unforced Peace (V/A, The Psychedelic Sounds of the Sonic Cathedral)

Goldsoundz Playlist 24 January 2012

Lower Heaven – “A Frame In Time”
The Steelwells – “Boxes”

Brave Irene – “No Fun”
Sea Dweller – “Marion”
Ducktails – “Sprinter”

Two Door Cinema Club- “This is The Life”
Klaxons- “As Above, So Below”

Calexico- “Gypsy’s Curse”
The Rosewood Thieves-“Lonesome Road”
My Diet Pill-“General’s Crown”

Stereolab – “The Noise Of Carpet”
Gauntlet Hair – “I Was Thinking…”
Dent May – “Eastover Wives”
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth”


The Flying Mystics 1/24

Local band Flying Mystics will be joining us this week!

Flying Mystics is a power trio based around Peruvian-American super-guitarist Zepi Morelli, flutist extraordinaire Flournoy Holmes, and magic-man percussionist Todd Roderick. Imagine a marriage between Jimmy Hendrix and Brian Eno, with a hint of datura and a kiss of ayahuasca. Band influences range from Amazonian rhythms to Himalayan shamanism, hillside folk to acid rock, with the delivery transported from primordial setting to modern urban aesthetic.

Check out their website! They are playing a show soon at The First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta!