Playlist for Forward Momentum Sunday Special – November 6 2011

“Strawberry Jam” by Simon Says off of Tardigrade
“Matrix Gate” by Planet X off of Quantum
“Technical Difficulties” by Racer X off of Technical Difficulties
“Concerto” by Cacophony off of Speed Metal Symphony
“Damage Mode” by The Watch off of Vacuum
“Zombies” by Magma off of Udu Wudu
“The Mind Machine” by Presto Ballet off of The Lost Art of Time Travel
“Don Pardo Pimpwagon” by Bumblefoot off of 9.11
“Hands” by Stickmen off of Soup
“Quartus Artifactus” by From Uz off of Quartus Artifactus
“A Kid Called Panic” by Moon Safari off of Lover’s End
“Sweet Earth” by The Gourishankar off of Grip
“The Scuttle of the Past out of the Cupboards” by Yugen off of Eridule
“Stranger By the Minute” by Porcupine Tree off of Stupid Dream
“Rock Me Til I Die” by Grim Reaper off of Rock You To Hell
“At the Speed of Light” by Karakanic off of Wheel of Life
“Powers of Ten” by Shawn Lane off of Epilogue for Lisa