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50LBS of Rice: November 14, 2011

Here is tonight’s show’s playlist

  1. Again (acoustic version) by Yui off (unknown album)
  2. Winter’s Song
  3. Lost my Music by Hirano, Aya Haruhi Suzumiya off (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  4. Mr. Simple by Super Junior
  5. Next Year’s Valentines Day by Ding Dang&Rundong He
  6. Flowing Water with Drifting Clouds off High Mountain Flowing Water
  7. Closest to heaven by Jason Zhang
  8. I am the Best by 2NE1
  9. Nga Ley by Khun Kaung Kay Maung off Guitars of The Golden Triangle: Folk and Pop of Myanmar
  10. Winter’s Song
  11. Song 13 by Sinn Sisamouth off Unknwn Album
  12. Love Myth Dan Truong- Cam Ly- off My Nhan Thap Nhi
  13. Classical Chinese Music

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Kosher Noise Playlist 11/14/11

  • Jewish    2:50    Spirit    The Family That Plays Together
  • Ze Hakol O Klum (It’s All Or Nothing)    6:39    David Broza    It’s All Or Nothing
  • Abe Inc. (Techno Mix)    4:59    Abraham Inc.    Tweet-Tweet
  • Be Still, Angelino    4:11    DeLeon    DeLeon
  • Pachima (UBK Remix)    4:46    Balkan Beat Box    Nu Made (Remixes) [Bonus Track Version]
  • Clavlav Oh Bi Di Bam Bam    2:40    Matti Caspi    The Best Of Matti Caspi
  • Goral Ehad (Mutual Destiny)    3:28    Ofra Haza    Ofra Haza: Greatest Hits (Disc 1)
  • Trembling    3:27    Berry Sakharof    L’autre
  • Hagiga Bnuaiba    3:04    Matti Caspi    The Best Of Matti Caspi
  • Havolyum Oleh (The Volume Rises) – הווליום עולה    6:10    Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש    HaMehona Shel HaGruv (The Groove Machine) – המכונה של הגרוב

Mode 7 for 11/13

Exciting weekend for those playing Skyrim!

Segment 1:
Unreal Tournament 3 – Mechanism 8 redux
Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission
Crysis – First Light
Mechwarrior 3 – In-game Music

Segment 2:
Pokemon Gold – Precious Metals (remix by Insert Rupee)
Age of Empires – Cave
Donkey Kong Country – Jungle Groove
Super Smash Bros Melee – Fountain of Dreams [requested]

Segment 3:
Super Smash Bros – Credits
Nox – Town 3
StarCraft – Zerg 3

Segment 4:
Command and Conquer – PharoTeknical (remix by ScottPeeples)
Halo – Covenant Dance [requested]
Sonic Unleashed – Chun-Nan Dragon Road [requested]

Let’s Talk Business with Dawn Fotopulos and Bo Burlingham

You can listen to the latest “Let’s Talk Business” with serial entrepreneur Mitch Schlimer by clicking this link,, and hitting the “last show” arrow. Mitch’s featured guests are Dawn Fotopulos, the founder of and a successful business woman who has helped thousands of small businesses thrive. Following Dawn is Bo Burlingham,  Editor At Large of Inc. Magazine and co-author of several books dealing with Entrepreneurship including “The Great Game Of Business” & “The Knack”. Two wonderful featured guests you are sure to learn a lot from when you listen to “Let’s Talk Business” right here on WREK.