Sunday Special: Meme Show!

Today’s Sunday Special is our 2nd annual MEME SHOW! In this show, we have all the awesome meme’s on the internet that have filled our lives.

Your hosts for this show are Dnaiel, Kelly, Ky, April and Ian!

Nyan Cat on the studio window, drawn by April!

You can find any of these songs by searching them on YouTube!

nyan cat
double rainbow
bed intruder
psychosocial baby

smooth jazz nyan cat
leek spin loituma techno
you are a pirate

i’m a bannana
peaunut butter jelly time
get pitted
numa numa
all your base

[1940] – mexican nyan cat
rick roll
old spice remix
can’t tase this
charlie bit me

charlie sheen winning
gunther ding dong song
badgers badgers
end of ze world

im jipper
what what in the butt

THe GTG’s – M-Train
combination pizza hut & taco bell
chocolate rain

gay bar
basshunter dota
goat sing with usher
the duck song
get on my horse