Let’s Talk Business! at 12 noon this Saturday with Laurie Bassi & Jill Konrath

Join Mitch Schlimer this Saturday at 12 noon-1PM for ” Let’s Talk Business” where his featured guests are Dr. Laurie Bassi, author of “Good Company”- Business Success In The Worthiness Era, and then Jill Konrath, author of “Snap Selling”- Speed Up Sales And Win More Business With Today’s Frazzled Customers. ” Let’s Talk Business” is hosted by serial and social entrepreneur Mitch Schlimer, who is the founder of many companies and that includes his latest venture which is the EPICENTER which is the home of the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame (www.theehalloffame.com) which he founded a decade ago. Let’s Talk Business is focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and youth empowerment and is the perfect show to learn from especially if you are an entrepreneur, CEO or would be business owner.