50LBS Rice: October 31, 2011

Here is the set list for tonight’s show:

  1. 夜访吸血鬼Visiting Vampires at Night by 五月天May Day off 后青春期的诗
  2.  惊叹号Exclamation Point by 周杰伦JayZhou off 惊叹号Exclamation Point
  3. 千年缘Thousand-year Fate by 心然Xin Ran off Chinese Paladin4 Soundtrack
  4. 暗流Underneath by 尚雯婕Wenjie Shang
  5. 偷偷的爱Secret Love by 丁当&严爵 off TV Series Ring the Door Bell Twice if You Mean it.
  6. 给朋友的话A Few Words to Friends by 张栋梁Dongliang Zhang
  7. 蓝眼睛Blue Eyes  by 张韶涵&苏打绿Soda Green off (unknown album)
  8. 当你孤单你会想起谁Who Would You Think of When You’re Lonely by 张栋梁Dongliang Zhang
  9. 窃听虫The Bug by 王若琳Ruolin Wang off 博尼的大冒险Bonnie‘s Adventure
  10. 不睡觉Don‘t Wanna Sleep by 弦子 Xuan Zi
  11. 女人帮Nv Ren Bang by 江映蓉Yingrong Jiang
  12. Moon River by Lisa Ono
  13. 画心Draw Heart by 张靓颖Liangying Zhang